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Removable prosthesis (fig. 1). Local anesthesia, only in the point where the screw is to be inserted (fig. 2). With the tip on the drill, at the lowest speed possible, we perforate the cortical and we arrive in the spongious area (fig. 3). Before insertion of the screw, we must use the hand graduated drill to perfection the hole. With the drill inserted in the cavity we make the x-rays is the confirm (fig. 4).




fig. 5


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fig. 8


At this point, the drill extracted, full of blood will give perfect evaluation of the depth reached which will be comparated to the screw shaft (fig. 5). Now we proceed to insertion of the screw, using the right key (fig. 6 e fig. 7). We make the x-rays to confirm the right position of the screw. We note also the cuts left by the selecting screw (fig. 8). 



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The stump, opportunely cutted, we made small length wise incision with bur to unload the cement and avoid crown rolling (fig. 9). In this case was used immediately the tooth removed by her prosthesis (fig. 10 e fig. 11), so the woman will not have any aesthetic damage. The x-rays control is been done after 9 years (fig. 12).

Fresh extraction socket









Superior laterals agenesia











X-rays control after 10 years, in Jung girl 16 years old.

Fresh extraction socket




Inferior distal area







































































































Superior distal area